Michaels Cuisine Restaurant & Bar
Chef Michael ThomsonChef Michael Thomson
Chef and restaurateur Michael S. Thomson is a recognized leader in the Texas food movement, and the force behind Fort Worth's successful MICHAELSCUISINE Restaurant & Bar. Thomson founded the restaurant in 1992 after an early career with several well-known Texas hotels and restaurants. For 8 years, he was the corporate consulting chef for the Burlington Northern Railroad, and was an international chef for Delta Air Lines during the '90s. Thomson also served as an ambassador for the Texas Beef Council and the U.S. Meat Export Federation, training foreign chefs in the mysteries of Texas Cuisine. One of Fort Worth's Most Celebrated Chef's, his innovative cookery reached a national audience through his column, "C.P. Express" in Chile Pepper magazine, as well as through frequent television appearances and cooking classes. Michael has served "Contemporary Ranch Cuisine" around the world from US Embassies to the Famed James Braed House in New Your city as a Proud Ambassador of Texas Cuisine & Culture.

"Michael's Cuisine is dedicated to outstanding food and service in an upscale but affordable atmosphere. I believe Fort Worth supports us so strongly because every aspect of Our operational commitments to our clients is uniquely inspired and dynamically incorporated."

What Is Your Definition Of Contemporary Ranch Cuisine? A lot of people think it means we serve beans in a fancy pot, but it describes more of a lifestyle than it does food. In Texas, lots of people own ranches. They're not huge palaces, but they're just places where Texans go on weekends to get away from it all. While they're away, they have fun and don't worry about anything. That's the same attitude I want them to have when they eat at MICHAELS. They don't have to worry about anything.They can enjoy a great dining experience and can leave completely happy and satisfied.

Contemporary Ranch Cuisine, not to be confused with Southwestern Cuisine, blends the spices & textures of Mexico with the cuisines of the American South. It has become a true Texas style of cookery.

What's The Best Selling Dish At MICHAELS? Hands down, it's our signature Pepper-Crusted, Pan-Seared Tenderloin with Ancho Bourbon Sauce. This is a perfect example of a Contemporary Ranch dish, but it has it's origin in French cuisine. When I was a young chef, a French colleague taught me how to make Medallions of Beef with Madeira Wine Sauce - a traditional French dish. It was good, but I preferred Steak au Poivre, another traditional French dish that is peppered strip sirloin with cognac cream sauce.

I'm a flag waver who loves his country, and I wanted my Contemporary Ranch Cuisine to be to America what French cuisine is to France. So I took tenderloin and added ancho chiles and made my sauce from bourbon since it is a traditional American spirit. That recipe not only is our house favorite, it also marked my transformation from a young idealistic chef into a maturing businessman chef.